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I am an accredited member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Therapists) and abide by their code of ethics. I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). 


I believe that confidentiality is fundamental to a healthy working relationship with clients.  I keep brief, anonymised notes of our sessions. I will not share information discussed during our sessions with third parties except for the purposes of clinical supervision. I meet with my supervisor once a month and I am also part of a supervision group of counsellors. Supervision provides a confidential space for me to discuss concerns, share good practice and techniques to ensure that I am up to date with trends and changes. I would only bring a case to supervision if it was in the best interests of the client(s) and I would anonymise their identities and case details as far as possible to protect their confidentiality. However, in some extreme situations, for example if I felt that someone was at risk, I may have to make a disclosure to an outside agency (your GP, social care, or the police). Should this be necessary I will do my best to inform you beforehand.


If you are attending as a couple, I will address all emails to you jointly. This is to ensure transparency.  Similarly, I ask clients to keep email and text communication between sessions brief and factual.  Please keep information of a confidential nature for  your counselling sessions.


Please note that where payments are made by bank transfer, I will ask you to use your surname as a reference. Therefore, I am not able to guarantee you complete anonymity or confidentiality in this regard.  

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Confidentiality & Disclosure

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