My Approach

In my work with both couples and individuals, I use a range of techniques drawn from Systemic, Psychodynamic, Person-Centred and CBT theoretical models. 


Every client is unique and I’ll work with you to tailor the counselling to suit your needs.  The length of therapy varies case by case.  For some, short-term work (typically up to six sessions) will be appropriate but where the issues are complex or multi-layered, longer-term counselling may be required.


We’ll agree an agenda for the work at the start of your counselling and review this regularly to ensure that your requirements are met.


We’ll work together to help you gain an understanding of how certain behaviours and ways of thinking are affecting your personal and work relationships or your outlook on life.  With fresh insight, you can make empowering changes. 


For example, if you and your partner are experiencing a lot of arguments I’ll work with you to bring stability to your relationship. 


Or if you’re experiencing negative thoughts and rumination through low mood and/or anxiety we’ll work together to find ways to break the cycle.


If you’re unable to forgive your partner after an affair and feel stuck, we’ll focus on rebuilding the trust and letting go of the past so that you can think more positively about the future.