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My Approach

I offer clients a safe space away from home in which to explore and discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences in confidence and where they can be heard without judgement. Clients, particularly couples, often remark that having this neutral space makes it easier for them to disclose and share difficult feelings. 


If you are experiencing negative thoughts and rumination due to anxiety and/or depression, we can work together to find ways to help you break the cycle.


If you feel unfulfilled in your relationships I can help you gain an understanding of how certain behaviours and ways of thinking are affecting your personal and work relationships as well as your outlook on life.  

If you and your partner are noticing that arguments are becoming more frequent, louder or are beginning to slide out of control and you are concerned about their impact on your relationship and the children, I will  work with you to bring stability back to your relationship and improve the ways that you communicate with each other.

If you are unable to forgive your partner after an affair or a betrayal and feel stuck, we will focus on rebuilding the trust and letting go of the past so that you can think more positively about the present and the future.

It might be that your relationship has run its course and you are looking for ways to let each other go with kindness and compassion. This is particularly important if there are children involved. I will help you work through this painful and difficult time and find ways to negotiate the practical as well as the emotional changes and challenges you will face.

It could be that you have experienced loss such as a bereavement or redundancy. Perhaps the children have left home or you have reached that longed for retirement but life is lacking direction and luster. Coming to terms with your loss or adapting to a new stage in your life will enable you to move on and find a new purpose.

Working through your difficulties together I will help you develop fresh insights so that you can make positive and empowering changes to your life and relationships.

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